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The Lancaster Regional Players will hold open auditions for the interactive dinner theater comedy WE GOTTA BINGO on Monday January 29 and Tuesday January 30 at 7 pm in the First Floor Board Room in the Lancaster Town Hall / Lancaster Opera House building, 21 Central Avenue, Lancaster NY  14086.

No prior preparation is necessary.

Show dates are March 2, 3, 4 and 9, 10, 11 and 16, 17, 18 (three weekends) at the Lancaster Opera House.

For more information, send an email to

ABOUT THE SHOW: The Lancaster Opera House will transform into Der Brew-Ha-Ha for a raucous evening of dinner, dancing, drinking and, of course, bingo! Guests will meet a colorful cast of characters leading the evening in games and good-natured fun, but soon learn they are amongst two rival parishes, one Italian and one Irish, who are set to be merged with one another. Since neither church can support the expanding congregation by itself, they’ve agreed to meet tonight to raise the needed money the best way they know how – playing bingo! Of course, this ain’t no regular bingo night! In between games, you will have dinner and be entertained by musical interludes sung by competing parish choir directors. A full night of hysterically funny entertainment!


Moira Maureen O’Mahoney – female – 23 years old – is an immigrant from County Cork, Ireland, forthright, spirited, wholesome, very competitive.  Currently the choir director at St. Patrick’s.  She wants desperately to be the choir director of the new merged parish, very ambitious.  At the same time, she has a huge crush on Jeremy (the competing choir & youth choir director of St. Dominic’s, the Italian parish).

Rosa LaFranca Dimini – female – mid to late 40s – Italian wife of Rudy Dimini, proud mother of Jeremy, control freak, she runs just about every committee at St. Dominic’s.  Thinks food is love – everyone needs more food and everyone is too skinny.  Intimidating presence.   Her husband Rudy is “the angriest man alive” but she is not intimidated by him.  She is not happy about her potential loss of standing after the upcoming parish merge.

Jeremy Valentime Dimini – male – aged 20s – 30s – youth choir director for St. Dominic’s – boyish/androgynous.  Smothered by his overbearing mother. Driven to be the “perfect Christian.”  Has a sense that Moira is interested in him, although he is not sure why, since their musical styles are so different.  Despite his best intentions, he finds himself drawn to the more rebellious Frannie.

Father Andrew Duncan – male – age 40 – 45.  Needs to prove he is up to the challenge of leading the newly combined parish, and he is overwhelmed to say the least.  Has been in charge of St. Patrick’s for only 6 months.  His main rival for power is Rosa Domini and he is intimated by her.  Not comfortable with the morality of gambling and this idea of Bingo as a fundraiser.    Not a strong public speaker.

Mary Edwina Sullivan (“Mary Ed”) – female – aged 45 – 55.  Calling her a bingo fanatic is an understatement.  Wears bingo-inspired clothes and jewelry.  She is an eccentric – make up not quite right, eyebrows drawn on crooked, hair is a color not found in nature.  Borderline psychic/intuitive about bingo – she can tell what number will be called right before the caller says it.  Her many cats all have names that rhyme with Bingo.  She knows all the “dirt” on everyone in St. Patrick’s parish.

Benjamin “Bucky” Fuller – male – 30s – owner of local used, scratch-and-dent furniture store called “Fuller’s [Bargain] Basement, appears in local, low budget commercials.  Also works as an auctioneer and bingo caller.  Craves the spotlight and attention.  Perpetually single, as he is too self-centered to make a long-lasting relationship work.  “Plays the field” whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Currently pursuing his new sales assistant/Bingo assistant Darla Blue.

Rudy Dimini – male – late 40s – could easily be dubbed “the angriest man alive.”  Very competitive, impatient, and driven to win.  Believes nothing in life ever went his way.  The two exceptions are his wife and son, of whom he is immensely proud.  Works as high school math teacher and swim coach.  May have drinking/gambling problem.

Helmut Voekel – Brew Mason – male – senior citizen – an old, second-generation German, but weepy.  Proud of the Loyal Order of Brewers, owner and brew master of The Bochstein Brewery Hall.  He is the front man for his polka band, known as Helmut Voekel and the Voekel Chords.  His daughter is Frannie, a bit of a sweet-souled rebel.

Frannie Voekel – female – almost 21 years old. A bit of a rebel, she dresses chic punk, Catholic School girl plaid skirt, with black hose, and big black boots and a cute Anne Klein blouse (tags ripped out) that is not ironed.  She has a number of tattoos, which her parents can’t get used to.  What they don’t know is that the tattoos are all henna ones that Frannie has to constantly reapply.  Her multiple earrings are magnet-backed, not really pierced.  She is not “fully” committed to these rebel styles, but just trying them out.  She is very smart and is determined to save her father’s struggling beer hall.

Sister Giovanna Ghita Giannini (“Sister Gigi”) – female – 30s-40s? – Bound and determined to make a difference in the world, except that in all of her efforts, she tends to make a mess of things.  The consummate hands-on modern nun:  camp shirt, mid-calf khaki skirt, taupe orthopedic shoes, knee high hose, headdress (but she can wear her bike helmet over it), a wooden crucifix from an African tribe and given to her during her missionary days.  She is oblivious to the effect she has on others, including many unfortunate double-entendres.  She cannot sing and it is horrifying to hear her full-hearted attempts.  But it turns out that she is an awesome drummer.

Darlene Blumenthal (“Darla Blue”) – female – 30s – wanna-be singer, looking for her big show business break.  Recently got a job at Fuller’s Bargain Basement and is being pursued by the owner, Bucky.  He knows about her ambition but notices her lack of polish, so he sets out to help her by making her the Bingo assistant to help boost her confidence.  Darla is excited to be assisting with the Bingo game and screams with delight whenever someone yells “Bingo!”

Tyler Moore – male – 30s-40s – currently works as a flight attendant.  He is gay and very comfortable with this fact, and indeed very comfortable with almost all aspects of his life.  Funny, acerbic and witty without being cutting.  Head usher at St. Patrick’s.  Has a “snide” attitude when it comes to the domineering Rosa Dimini – he thinks she is oppressive.  He LOVES to play bingo, and he loves to lead and cheer the Bingo calls and responses.

Archbishop Collins – male – walk-on toward the end of the show.

Brew Hall Servers – additional supporting roles as needed


The Lancaster Regional Players hold open auditions throughout the year for all of our productions – we welcome anyone who wishes to participate!

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