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The Lancaster Regional Players have been presenting plays in Lancaster, NY since the mid-1960’s. Bowmansville Very Little Theatre, as it was called, was started by faculty members of various Lancaster district schools in 1964 and produced its first play in 1965. Various schools in the town have served as production venues, including Court Street School and Aurora Middle School. In the mid-1970s, the group changed its name to Lancaster Depew Community Theater and became involved in fundraising efforts to raise money for the renovation of the historic but long-abandoned theater nestled up on the second floor of the Lancaster Town Hall building.

In September of 1981, Lancaster Depew Community Theater produced the very first play in the newly renovated Lancaster Opera House, ‘Egad the Woman in White’ – a melodrama in the spirit of the type of productions that would have been popular when the theater was first built in the 1800’s.

In 2011, the group, now known as Lancaster Regional Players, celebrated 30 years of partnership with the Lancaster Opera House, and has produced close to 80 productions since 1981 at this beautifully restored theater.